It seems there is an "arms race" going on between those invested in securing and protecting truck cargo and the criminals who make millions annually by stealing, selling, and trading stolen goods in a worldwide underground black market. Much has been made about advanced solutions for cargo security - GPS tracking, discreet serial numbers, enhanced databases about lost cargo and even suspected criminal networks that resell stolen goods.


Since the beginning of truck cargo shipping, there have been thefts. A problem that has been largely overlooked in the quest for enhanced truck cargo security - the humble entry doors through which goods are loaded and accessed.  Whether rollups, double doorways on TEU containers or top/side mounted entrances, entry doors remain a vulnerable area for truck cargo.


To date, most security “improvements” to better secure container entrances have consisted of increasingly more robust locking systems to deter thefts, but as the loss statistics for truck cargos increase every year, it’s clear that determined thieves can bypass virtually most of these systems.   

These thefts typically occur when a driver takes breaks, during overnight motel stays or even while an exhausted driver is sleeping in the cab. Truck container break-ins place drivers at risk with the average loss nearly $200,000 in goods per occurrence. A revolutionary alarm produced by Zenloc LLC (http://www.zenloc.com) is designed to drastically reduce cargo thefts that occur by accessing the goods through the entrance doorway to the truck container. 

The Zenloc alarm secures the doorway access point with a portable alarm system that is incredibly difficult to defeat. The Zenloc alarm mounts to the container door entry point and can be removed by the driver at will. When mounted, the product is clearly visible by would-be thieves and is intended to offer a first level of deterrence, particularly to casual thieves or those attempting to pilfer cargos rapidly.   

It can also be used on nonmetallic doors by using a simple mounting plate, thus offering security to almost any door protecting cargo and valuable goods.   The secret to the alarm is a patented system using four magnetic feet working in conjunction with internal circuitry to detect motion and disturbances of all manners.  When disturbed by the would-be thief, the unit emits a piercing audible alarm and sends an alert to a handheld unit. If the container surface is steel, the alarm mounts directly on the container; on non-metal surfaces, the alarm connects to a mounting plate supplied by Zenloc that is attached to the truck.   

The Zenloc alarm works to defeat many of the regular mechanisms thieves use, such as carefully attempting to slide the alarm off the truck or container without activating it. If a bold would-be thief disables the alarm itself, the broken connection between the alarm and handset alerts the driver for immediate action.   

The current version of the Zenloc alarm includes a handset that will receive notifications from the alarm enough to alert a driver sleeping in a truck cab or eating in a diner if the truck is parked reasonably close to the driver. While simply securing the entrance doorway to a truck’s container isn’t the only security solution needed to protect the cargo contained inside, it is an obvious access point that has been largely overlooked in many security initiatives. 

Using products such as the Zenloc alarm combined with other security measures, security professionals can go a long way towards eliminating the vulnerabilities that make truck cargo such enticing targets for casual and professional thieves, whilst at the same time enhancing driver security. Copyright 2016, Zenloc LLC. All rights reserved   Zenloc LLC is the developer of the Zenloc alarm, a system that prevents truck cargo thefts and secures assets using a unique patented technology that acts as both a deterrent and an alarm system. For more information see Zenloc’s website at http://www.zenloc.com or contact Mr. Barry Schofield, President of Zenloc at 816-848-4435. 


July 2016
Zenloc has negotiated lower manufacturing costs and are excited to announce we are able to pass this reduction on to our customers.
Our easy payment plan is also still available.

February 2016
Zenloc is proud to announce that it is now manufacturing and selling the All-American version of the award-winning portable security system. This product is being produced in Lenexa, Kansas USA by Avatar Engineering. Contact http://www.avatar-eng.com


May 2015
Zenloc was invited to exhibit at the 26th Annual Federal Procurement Conference co-sponsored  by Senator Claire McCaskill. It was a huge success for Zenloc, making new connections and having their security system on display attracted a lot of positive attention.


August 2014
Having achieved success in the UK and Europe, Zenloc is soon to be manufactured here in the Midwest United States. It is a fundamental belief of the company that this award-winning security alarm should be American made for the American market!


August 2011
Wrightsure Insurance Group is proud to confirm that we act as Insurance Brokers for ZENLOC Security Systems Limited. We are also delighted to advise that due to the continued success of the ZENLOC product and the accompanying insurance scheme, since the introduction of the successful and unique Container Security Alarm System, we can now confirm that the Zenloc insurers have recently agreed to 25% premium reduction for users of the system. Wrightsure Insurance Brokers are also able to confirm that significantly discounted Goods in Transit insurance is now available for those companies who use the ZENLOC Container Security Alarm Systems.


June 2011
Russell J Baker, Transport Manager, Pentalver Transport Ltd, Southampton confirmed that “since we (Pentalver) have been using Zenloc over the past 12 months we have not been targeted nor had any attempted thefts on our vehicles. During the previous 3 years prior to using Zenloc we had recorded 7 thefts/attempted thefts”. Russell Baker went on to say, “I feel since using the Zenloc device we have managed to keep thief's away from our vehicles, even though we pay to park at supposedly secure service areas which actually seem to be high risk areas”. Allport – Sea Freight Division - Confirmation of no claims since alarm in use from Peter Hunt, Allport Sea Freight Division, Tilbury UK. Peter Hunt has confirmed that since using the Zenloc Container Security Alarm System Allport has not suffered any claims for cargo loss from the sea freight division. Sea Transport Limited, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich have also recently confirmed that for the past 12 months since using the Zenloc security alarm system they have suffered no loss of cargo from the containers fitted with Zenloc. Clair Hepple, Sea Transport 05.08.2011